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21 Futures – The first Bitcoin Short Fiction Anthology


Low time preference

Low time preference is about the future and what you’re willing to do about it right now. Thus, a handful of plebs switched their imaginations into hyper drive and delivered some proof of work in the form of 21 Futures: Tales from the Time Chain for you to enjoy.

Physics, sportsball, and the interplanetary financial system

Yours truly has also contributed a short piece of fiction to this project. It is based on the ideas that Dhruv Bansal presented in his highly recommended article on Bitcoin Astronomy, first published in September 2019. Examining the scientific facts around Bitcoin mining and interplanetary relations, the Martian struggle for independence suddenly became real and condensed into a set of characters that inhabit this not so far away future in the story Transit.

About 40 years from now, the human condition has not fundamentally changed… just like the bitcoin blockchain that ticks along at its steady pace of one block roughly every ten minutes. Let’s just hope the colonists of resource rich Mars keep busying themselves with GraviBall, their newly invented high/low gravity sport, and don’t start mucking around with the interplanetary financial system.

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Participating in the authors’ visions is really simple. Just click this affiliate link that already contains a 10 % discount code. Drop it in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout to either throw your dirty fiat money at Konsensus Network or treat them with some of your Sats that so unstoppably flow between consumers and creators… in real life, just as in the tales from the timechain.